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Support Group

Group Therapy

Groups offered for HSPs, Teens, Older Adults and Grief Support

Sharing a part of our healing journey with others who may have some common experience can help us feel less isolated and offer other avenues for healing through connection and mutually supportive relationships.




IN PERSON Monthly HSP Support Group (Adults)     [Starts Feb 2023]

Starts: Sat Feb 11, 2023

Meets: 2nd Saturday each month (9:30am-11am)

Duration: On-going, Monthly Support Group; meetings are 90 min each with a 10 minute break

Size:  Max 8 members

Location: 22248 Main Street
Hayward, CA 945411 

Cost: $50/meeting (plus $50 for intake & assesment)

RSVP by 1/30/23 to scomelo@sfccounseling.oom

About: This is a closed, monthly support group, facilitated by a Licensed MFT (also an HSP), providing HSPs with a supportive space to share their experiences of being an HSP in a non-HSP world, offering and receiving mutual support, and building awareness and skills to better manage their Trait to optimze their strengths while promoting overall well being.

Group Goals: Share experiences and ways to embrace and thrive with this normal genetic Trait; Decrease shame and revise negative messaging internalized about the Trait; Offer and receive mutual support in processing experiences and feelings; Better manage impact of overstimluation in relationships, home and work or school.

6-Week Online HSP Skills Group (Adults)          [Feb 2023]

Starts: Feb 6, 2023

Meets:  (TBD: Th/Fri Lunch or Wed eve)

Duration: 6 group meetings @ 90 min each plus 30 to 45min intake session

Size:  small (max 6 members)

Location: Online/Video for CA residents. 

Cost: $350 (includes intake) (A $50 non-refundable deposit to hold place and balance of $300 due week 1)

RSVP by 1/23/23 to

About: This is a closed group, facilitated by a Licensed MFT (also an HSP), providing a structured agenda to incorporate education, self-exploration and group sharing.  Living and working in a non-HSP world can impact an HSP’s sense of self, well-being, physical health, boundaries, and tolerance for social, family and work activities. HSPs are often default caretakers and confidants. Some feel out of place in their own families, relationships and jobs, often comparing themselves to others, not realizing they may just be hardwired to experience and engage with their environments differently.  Many go through life with their filters wide open, pushing and enduring, until they burn out from trying to conform. Join fellow HSPs for safe, mutual support & skills-building to learn how to better navigate life in a non-HSP world and thrive as an HSP.

Group Goals: Increase understanding and acceptance of our Trait; better tune in to our own stimulation levels; tools to modulate our nervous system response; start a foundation for our own unique HSP Operating Manuals; and skills to communicate needs and limits to others.  Handouts provided for work between sessions.



Starts: TBD

Meets: TBD

Duration: 6 weekly group meetings @ 90 min each plus a 30 to 45 min intake session

Size: small (max 6 members)

Location: Online for CA residents

Cost: $350 (includes intake) (A $50 non-refundable deposit to hold place and balance of $300 due week 1)


About: This is a closed, grief support group, facilitated by a Licensed MFT, using a semi-structured agenda to incorporate education, grief processing, coping strategies, sharing and connection as part of the grief journey. 

Group Goals:  1) Understand various ways loss and grief can impact our daily lives; 2) Navigate the grief process with more awareness, intention & self-compassion; 3) Learn strategies to cope with intense feelings and other symptoms of grief; 4) Offer and receive mutual support in processing your grief; and 5) Enjoy a safe, supportive place to share your experience and express grief


Future Teen Groups (TBD)

Feel free to email your interest in being added to a list for notifications of future Teen Group offerings.



In-Person OA Groups

Will resume, once safe to do so in light of COVID

Current Groups: Services
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